Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Net Worth Report for March 2014

Assets $ Diff% Diff
Cash$85($290)-77.33 %
Retirement$2,650$391.49 %
Other Real Estate$0$0-
Personal Property$0$0-
Other$67($59)-46.83 %
Total Assets$2,802($310)-9.96 %
Debts $ Diff% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)$0$0-
Other Mortgage(s)$0$0-
Student Loans$0$0-
Credit Card$3,800$2075.76 %
Car Loans$0$0-
Other$13,736($264)-1.89 %
Total Debts$17,536($57)-0.32 %
Net Worth($14,734)($253)-1.75 %

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Home same me!

If by some odd chance you happen to come across  this blog, feel free to hop on over to my more current and up to date blog!
Marielle Altenor
Hello ;)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lady Scentsalot : Making Griot, the Haitian way!

Lady Scentsalot : Making Griot, the Haitian way!: A few days ago I was on Facebook and came across a meme that made me laugh soo hard and sparked the urge to cook one of my favorite Haiti...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Follow up: Skin tag, to pull or not to pull.

After my third and failed attempts at trying to remove my skin tag using a bit of dental floss, I've decided to try freezing it. ARRRG I'm so freaking scared!!!! More to come...

Dinner, is served.


Best Korean Drama EVER!!

Finished watching Secret Garden last night. MUST have MORE!! So sad that it ended *tears* I knew I was going to love it just by watching the first 5 minutes of it. The plot is AH-Mazing!! The actors are awesome. And OH MY GOSH the kissing scenes are like WOAH!!! (You have to have watched Kdramas, to know what I'm talking about hehehe).*Sigh*  Hyun Bin is so dreamy =)

Day 07 - Ten important people.

  1. The Kid (better known as, THE MONSTER that I LOVE).
  2. SisterDear (My Rock, she likes to pretend to be the older sister *roll eyes*)
  3. The Babe (the only person that can make me go from really happy, to really pissed in a matter of seconds and at least  10 times a day).
  4. My Mommy. I have not laid eyes on her since I was 6 years old. I hope to be able to see her soon.
  5. My Father. Rest in Peace Daddy. Till we meet again
  6. My Brother. I wish you were born first. I WANT AN OLDER BROTHER *sad face* 
  7. My Little Sister (from another mother, but I love her)
  8. My Little Monsters. (My uncle's kids with his wife. I grew up with them from the age of 13 till I turned 20). I love them all equally (all 7 of them).
  9. My Bestie, that never calls me by my real name. I love this girl.
  10. I left this one blank. I have more than just 10 important people in my life.  I don't have to name them all, they know who they are <3

Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 06 - Ten items you can’t live without.

  1. LIP PALM!!!! If I don't have SOMETHING to put on my lips and they get to that stage of dryness, I started licking my lips. NON-STOP!!! I hate that >.<  So I don't leave the house house without it.
  2. TISSUE (to blow my nose)!!! I have...Allergies...the year long kind that makes me feel like I'm the only cursed soul in the world. If I'm out and I suddenly get a running nose, I simply HAVE to be able to blow my nose.
  3. MEAT. Alright...maybe not...I mean, I haven't " actually" tried to even live without it so not sure if I couldn't. I like meat, a lot.
  4. DEODORANT. I have a very strong nose. I can't stand the smell of must, yes, even if it is coming from me.
  5. A BOOK. The longest I ever went without reading was about 2 months. I can't even take a proper crap if I don't have SOMETHING to read.
  6. SOAP. How did people even do it back then when there wasn't any soap??! Just the thought of not being able to take a shower with soap makes me feel all grimy >.<
  7. PAIN KILLERS. hahahah teasing ;) Tylenol or Advil will do just fine. Although, I'm pretty sure that I'm immune  to them both =(
  8. LOTION. No one likes ashy skin
  9. COFFEE. I take mine with lots of cream and sugar. I may have a coffee addiction.
  10. Nothing else comes to mind.

SAW-EEE: Day 05 - Ten wishes.

I'm one day behind on my 10 day challenge....Truth is, I couldn't come up with 10 whole wishes. I only have 1 wish. The first one is of course to win 10+ million dollars. With that, I can complete all my other "materialistic" dreams (like get a house and hire a maid to come in once a week to fold my laundry).  I thought of asking for more but life has a way to give you things you don't really ask/need. Like for example, I thought about wishing for some awesome super power. But like the saying goes; With great powers, comes great responsibilities (I think I heard that from Superman or something).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

At Work: Views From the Sitting Room's Window

Mom, You Are So Vain

This is what the Kid is thinking when he stares at my skin tag (which annoyingly enough, is located near my only good eyes grrrr). My son is 2 years old and he someone knows that a skin tag is "gross"?!.  Whenever I hold him on my lap, he will look at my eyes and say; Mommy yack? Which I reply, that's not nice, followed by my sad face. Usually he replies; Nice?  With his squeaky voice. Or he will say; Ohhhhhhhhh!!
In any case, I didn't even know it was a skin tag until I told the Babe about it and he explained to me what it was. Surprisingly enough (not really) he didn't know that I have a skin tag?!
The Babe is a walking, talking encyclopedia (so he likes to think).
So I googled "skin tag" and was both annoyed/secretly happy that the Babe was once again right.
I'm thinking about trying:   'Tie off tag at narrow base with a piece of dental floss or string.'
But I'm scared chicken...Sigh, but like they say, 'No pain, no gain!!'

The Kid picking dandelion

This was taken in July 2010. He is too funny with what we call his "thinking face" Hmmmm!

Chicken Fried Rice and Honey Garlic Wings YUMM

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grandma To the Rescue

The Babe's Grandma came by for another visit today. She says her neighbor's daughter was having a birthday party today, and we all know how elderly people can get when it comes to loud noise. A few weeks ago she came and stayed with us for 4 days because the daycare lady went on vacation and there wasn't anyone else that we trust to watch the Kid (without going totally boonker, that is). During the first day the neighbor's house sitter...who just happens to be the daycare lady's nephew, was playing some really loud music. It was HELL!! Not so much because the music was loud, but because the Grandma was non-stop complaining about it. She didn't  know what to do with herself. She was walking back and forth down the hallways saying: "Ma fille, sa musique est sacrément fort". She repeats herself a lot so that's pretty much all I kept hearing from 1 pm to 5pm. Then the Babe came home from work and I MADE him go downstairs. As soon as he came back up the music had stopped. So of course I started to mentally kick myself in the head, like, why in the world didn't I think to go there myself??? What was I saying anyway? Oh right, the Grandma came for a visit. She came at the right time too. It's laundry day. I had about 5 loads to do today. I don't mind doing laundry, it's the endless socks, shirts and  underwear  folding that drives me insane. Lucky for me Grandma LOVES folding. She had all 5 loads (plus 2 more from last week that  I never got around to fold) folded and neatly piled in baskets. Sigh, I love that woman.

Just the Two of Us

Kimchi Ramen Noodles: Step by step guide to making the best kimchi noodles

STEP 1: Boil some water

STEP 2: FRY one Egg (or two yumm) and some Spam

STEP 3: ADD Fried Egg, Spam and Vegetable mix (comes in the package)

STEP 4: ADD Kimchi Spices to the pot (comes in the package)

ET Voila: Enjoy (P.S Eat with A bip and avoid wearing a white t-shirt when eating)
the finished work.

The Kid's First Picture With Santa. December 2010

Bonnie Raitt - I Can't Make You Love Me

this song just came into mind just now...I'm not sure why...

Day 04 - Ten things you want to say to one person.

To My father, my daddy:

    1. I love you
    2. I'm sorry that I was so mean to SisterDear when we were kids, she is my rock and I thank you for making me realize that...
    3. I wish you were here to see the Kid
    4. I wish we had taken more pictures together, I only have a few of you and only one of me and you when I was 5
    5. I know it wasn't your doing, but I'm really mad you didn't keep your promise when you told me that you would be right back....
    6. You used to tell me that you didn't believe in heaven or hell, and that once  someone dies that's the end. I hope and pray that you are wrong, so that I can see you again....
    7. I miss you so much
    8. I'm happy
    9. You did a wonderful job while you could, and I don't care what anyone says. You were the best father/dad a girl could wish for
    10. You don't have to worry about us, we will be fine <3

Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 03 - Ten things you hate.

  1. Mice...and rats..or anything that resembles these creepy rodents >.<
  2. People with low self-esteem...
  3. Liars
  4. Cheaters
  5. Anyone/anything that can hurt my family
  6. Clogged up sink...Can't stand brushing my teeth while looking at the mess floating in there >.<
  7. People that walk around glowing with stupidity like it is going out of fashion. Are you seriously that dumb? 'Oh yes, do you like it?!'
  8. Women who puts themselves and their men before their own kids. My kid comes first
  9. Cold fries (I know, really random..)
  10. People that are too ticked skin to take a hint...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 02 - Ten things you love.

  1. I love being a mother
  2. I love sleeping till noon
  3. I love chicken
  4. I love mangoes *hmm juicyyy* 
  5. I love watching Korean drama *Hwaiting*
  6. I love reading
  7. I love staying at home doing nothing
  8. to love ya babyyyy
  9. When my house is clean and I didn't have anything to do with it (this never happens btw...but I just know i would love it)
  10. I LOVE nap time

Grandma's boy

Today the Babe's grandma came by to watched the kid. She is always lovely...the first few hours that is..then she gets antsy and can be really really..really eccentric? I like her a lot. She has always been kind to me. She's loves her great-grandson, and is nice to the SisterDear. The one problem is that she is getting to that age, where she has to repeat herself...a lot...and she gets really jumpy about stuff. She gets irritated easily. Did I mention she likes to repeat herself a lot? I think it might be genetic, because the Babe likes to tell me the same stories, over, and over...and over again. Even the Kid will come to be and tell me something and will repeat it again for good his baby talk that I pretend to understand----which I don't. She loves the Babe so much that sometimes I get annoyed on how nice she is to him when she comes over for a visit. Truth is, I don't believe in being at the beck and call of someone. When she comes over she  gets food ready for him (usually leftovers of whatever we had the previous night). She brings him drinks and snacks and..arrrgg I really don't know why but it really annoys me...I guess I'm afraid the Babe will get too used to it and will expect me to do the same thing for him?! Don't give me wrong, it doesn't bother me to get him water when he ask or if he wants me to bring food to him after I slaved over it all day. I don't't that the price a wife must pay? Oh wait..that's right, I'm NOT married! hahahaha Silly me getting ahead of myself. So my point is? Actually I don't have a point, I just wanted to vent on what a grandma's boy the Babe is. I still love him though

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 01 - Ten things about you.

  1. I'm scared of really scared of scary...
  2. I like food
  3. I really hate sharing food with people...If someone is eating and ask me if I want some I always say no. If it is from SisterDear, the Babe or the Kid it doesn't bother me much.
  4. I'm scared of driving
  5. I want to get married one day
  6. Growing up, every guy that I ever confessed my feelings to have always rejected me. Yay!!
  7. My favorite color is light blue
  8. I don't believe in love at first sight..or second...or third...
  9. When the clock hits 11:11 I wish for peace on earth...then realize that I have a better chance of my wish coming true by wishing for a few million dollars.
  10. I rarely watch tv or the news.